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Soo..I was tagged by LuckasK , took me some time to respond(will post a journal explaining things a bit soon) but I'm doing this because it sounds fun! X3

Not gonna tag people, as usually, but feel free to do this if you weel like it X3

8 facts about Firefly(sobe apply to her canine form, some to human form and some to both):
1. Her design(apart from the stars and hair) is completely based on real life border collie colours and would theoretically be possible in real life but I have yet to see a border collie that looks just like her XD She is a chocolate-factored ee-red border collie(can explain this in more detail if anyone's interested but basically this explains her green eyes and brown nose because 'normal' ee-reds have a black nose and brown eyes). She is also white-factored(if you look at her hind legs, the coloured part stops rather high, not at her ankles like it should) and a split-face(basically her half-half face markings instead of the usual white line between the eyes). 
2. She loves matcha latte and cream puffs
3. She needs very little sleep and rarely runs out of energy but is always 'too tired'(read: lazy XD) to do things she doesn't want to do. 
4. Firefly is a bit of a hoarder and can never get enough of pretty shiny things and other stuff she likes.
5. She is afraid of snails and worms. Keiko finds this hilarious and loves to tease her about it.
6. She loves taking photos but is very camera shy herself and usually hates being on them.
7. She tends to space out a lot and has a terrible short-term memory. 
8. Her favourite music genres are electronic and indie. 

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